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Rubber Tiles Flooring

Rubber Flooring Inc offers a wide selection of interlocking floor tiles that are suitable to fit a variety of needs. Our rubber tiles, garage flooring tiles, foam rubber tiles, foam backed carpet tiles, and soft wood tile flooring comes in a multitude of multipurpose thicknesses that can fit all occasions whether that is for personal or professional use. When looking for a durable interlocking tile flooring that is both easy to install and slip resistant, we carry numerous rubber tile flooring solutions that are perfect for uses such as gyms, weight rooms, children’s play rooms, basement’s, workshops, just to name a few.

Rubber Flooring Inc also offers a wide array of soft foam interlocking floor tile systems. These tiles include our 5/8” thick soft tiles, carpet tiles, soft wood tiles, extra thick jumbo soft, and oversize monster soft tiles and are all designed to offer a tile solution that is low in cost, light in weight, easy to install, and inexpensive to ship. Whether you need rubberized foam flooring for your personal aerobic room / exercise room, a soft flooring option for use as a play mat for a kid’s play room, or you need carpet or wood foam floor tiles for your trade show exhibit booth or any other need, we have the foam rubber floor tiles for you. Additionally, we have flexible and rigid PVC tiles that are an excellent choice for areas that need to withstand chemicals like those found in garages.

These can also be used in a variety of other applications such as trade show floors, retail display flooring, auto show exhibit floor coverings, bathroom and basement flooring just to name a few! These tiles are extremely easy to install and most have a flexible rubber like quality.