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Sports Vinyl

Vinyl flooring products provide an attractive alternative to expensive wood flooring systems in gymnasiums, exercise rooms and other recreational areas like badminton and table tennis courts. The no‐wax stain‐resistant surfaces of these floors mean lower maintenance costs and greater usage than traditional floors. High‐density vinyl foam cushion backing systems provide a shock absorbing surface that reduces impact shock and leg fatigue. The wear layer of vinyl floor is an important element in determining the performance and ease of maintenance.

Vinyl flooring is durable and time‐tested, maintaining its beauty under heavy foot traffic and use. It is moisture and stain resistant, so spills can be easily erased. When compared with alternative materials, vinyl floor are available in varied colors and thickness, offers an attractive installed cost with economical maintenance over the life of the floor.

Vinyl flooring is tough, resistant to scratching, scuffing, staining, indentation and other daily abuse. This durability is especially critical in commercial settings where routine wear and tear take their toll on floors. Vinyl floors maintain their good looks even in heavy traffic areas. Multiple thicknesses available: 10 MM to 4 MM are possible

Recommended Areas of Usage

  • Multi-purpose indoor facilities
  • Indoor basketball
  • Indoor volleyball
  • Indoor Badminton
  • Dance
  • Table Tennis
  • Indoor football
  • Yoga/meditation
  • Children crèches
  • Classrooms for schools especially for younger children so they don’t hurt themselves
  • Rehabilitation areas
  • Billiards